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Plasma Video Wall Explained

A substantial majority of individuals have observed a video wall or know exactly what a movie wall is, but may just not know the best way to describe it.


A plasma video wall is a collection of plasma-screen monitors that organized together to create one large screen. It might be simpler to think of it as putting a bunch of TV's together to create one the large television. The plasma screens employed to produce a movie wall nevertheless have minimal borders or edges (often referred to as frameless). This allows each monitor that comprises a video wall to get very close to the other screens and produces a more seamless photo. Typically when looking at a video wall, you can notice where the individual plasma screens bond, even though the total effect on the video or image being exhibited is small.

Video partitions are a well-liked rental a-T trade shows, exhibitions and other company type conventions for drawing a crowd and presenting a '' movie encounter. The person plasmas could be configured in a variety of ways to create a horizontal, vertical, or monitor pattern monitor without bezel depending on the intention. Since a movie wall is composed of personal plasma screens, there is no limit on the dimensions of a video wall, even though the most frequent appear to be 3x3 grids consisting of-of nine 42" plasma monitors. These monitors can display movie independently or act as one large monitor and display video across every one of the screens as if it were one monitor. Most of the time you will visit a blend of different ways video is introduced by them.


ICE Seamless Plasma Walls for Commercial Video Walls - World record installation.

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